Data transfer platform for affiliate industry

Working with vast amount of advertisers and thousands of offers becomes easy with the leading-edge tool which automatically transfers data into your system
Integrated sources
Offers transferred from different sources
Offers/sec Speed of synchronization
Agencies which run offers from CPAPI

CPAPI is a first technology on the market which connects sources of offers and recipient systems


Sources of offers
Recipient system

Become a source

  • increase possibilities to widen traffic sources
  • simplify the process of integration with existing and new partners
  • increase your brand awareness

Start receiving offers at ease

  • transfer numerous offers from a big amount of sources into your system
  • cut down time spent on pulling offers
  • automate the process and reduce man-hours

More than 100 already integrated sources


Riccardo Fuzzi Riccardo Fuzzi
CPAPI by Affise has been a full-fledged “win-win” approach for us that we suggest you considering for real, if you are looking for a way to boost your business evolution. In a crowded industry as mobile marketing, only dynamic, updated and fast players will succeed and we feel that our choice to partner with Affise is another step in the right direction
Riccardo Fuzzi
MyAppFree Founder & CEO

CPAPI successfully delivers offers to tracking platforms

Our clients love CPAPI. It allows rapid transfer of their offers, what is often like thousands in total. It’s the tool that significantly saves their working hours while at the same time giving more time to concentrate on business goals.

We would say that CPAPI is a tool that present-day affiliate marketing can’t survive without. Affiliates work with high amounts of data and if they were transferring it manually, they would simply have no time for making a profit.

Benefit from the most powerful and scalable integration system!

Frequently asked questions

What recipient systems can CPAPI be integrated into?

CPAPI can be integrated into any kind of software for performance marketing.

How does CPAPI transfer data?

Owing to the API integration established with sources on one side and your system on the other, CPAPI is acquiring access to raw data and importing them following the rules of the recipient system.

Is it possible to transfer not all available offers, but only the necessary ones?

The flexible setup system allows filtering offers by countries, os, devices, currencies and payout. Besides, there is an option to manually select offers for further delivering into the recipient system.

Does CPAPI update the offer according to changes in the source?

CPAPI is constantly screening all available offers in sources. In case of any changes CPAPI immediately updates the offers in the recipient system.

Is it possible to make bulk edits for offers?

You can set privacy level, status, redirect type and many more for multiple offers, before transferring data from CPAPI to your system.

Can I set up a flexible synchronization for my offers?

You can decide how often particular information will be synced: one time, always or never.